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Dammann Frères Tea Suitcase ADORE

Dammann Frères Tea Suitcase ADORE

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A selection of 5 iconic flavored teas, for lovers of the brand and to indulge your adventurous heart: RUSSIAN TASTE DOUCHKA, flavored black tea dried - 4 bagsBlack tea, essential oils (bergamot, sweet orange and lemon). JARDIN BLEU, flavored black tea - 4 bagsBlack tea, flavors (rhubarb, wild strawberry and strawberry), petals. MISS DAMMANN, flavored green tea - 4 bags. Green tea, ginger pieces, lime essential oil and passion fruit aroma, petals. BALI, flavored green tea - 4 bagsGreen tea, green tea with jasmine, petals, aromas (lychee, grapefruit, wine peach) and rose essential oil. ALTITUDE, black tea - 4 bags Net weight: 40 gDimensions: 17/6/13 cm


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