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Jasmin Silver Needles - Silver needles

Jasmin Silver Needles - Silver needles

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This exclusive white tea is made exclusively from the first flowering of the delicate needles, covered with a silver-white skin layer. Subtle character for the true tea lover. Naturally flavored with jasmine flowers

The silver needle from Fuijan, China, is a very special tea. It can only be picked a few days a year and the harvest usually takes place between March and early April. Because the harvest is limited and because the area where it is grown must meet such specific requirements, it also falls into a more expensive price range. Not only is it special in its taste, which is full of light floral, its appearance also appeals to the imagination. Only the buds, the unopened new leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are used for this Silver Needle white tea. It results in beautiful seam-like buttons full of silver-colored hairs.


dosage: 6gr for 1/2 liter
With this beautiful quality tea you can pour water (preferably spring water) on the silver needles up to 4 times. The second cup can often be even tastier, the needles are only saturated when the needles sink to the bottom of your tea pot.


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